Context & Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art

Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities. A Fulbright project by Linnea West (2012-13)

Archive as a Quality

quotesY“By placing the films in a museum/exhibition context, archive as a quality take on a new role, the relationship between documentaristic and artistic modes are altered, and the works’ site-specific mode of composition also undergoes transformation. The exhibition work composed of dialogues and monologues takes on new meaning, the artistic dimension gains power, which, in turn, once again directs our attention to the practical method of realization. In the closed, confined, or open torrents of words placed side by side, continuity and subjectivity manifest in an explicit manner. The critical tone can also became more emphatic in this new art form.”

-Zsofia Frazon, “Modernity as Local Tradition – Subjective City Archive,” Zsolt Keserue (2009)


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