Context & Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art

Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities. A Fulbright project by Linnea West (2012-13)

Authenticity and Calculation: Language Choices in Art

The message of this 1993 work is more relevant today. I saw Stilinović’s work in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, but I had already heard about in in context … Continue reading

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Emblems of the Nation

“Istvan Ferenczy, Henrik Weber, Karoly Marko and Miklos Izso left us emblematic representations of the 19th century image of the nation. Along with them, they conferred the task of inquiring … Continue reading

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History of Suffering in 19th C.

“Along with the “nation’s glory,” the Hungarian “history of suffering” was a major theme in graphic illustrations in popular culture. In the decades following the defeat of the war of independence, the … Continue reading

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Gloomy Hungarian Destiny

“Fin de siecle Hungary, fragmented into a multitude of microcosms, had become the subject of ever bleaker artistic visions. The Hungarian landscape ceased to be nature bathed in sunshine, humanised … Continue reading

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Origin Myths

“The theory of identification of Huns with Hungarians, widely accepted previously, was refuted as a legend in the middle of the 19th century–one of the reasons why Arpad and Saint … Continue reading

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What is Hungarian? (Mi a Magyar?) Exhibition at the Kunsthalle, Budapest

The What is Hungarian? exhibition at the Kunsthalle (Mucsarnok) brings together over 50 Hungarian artists in a large exhibition that covers a diverse group of perspectives on a rather contentious topic. As … Continue reading

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Nationalism and cultural images

“The point of departure for the symposium is the idea, formulated by Benedict Anderson and Edward Said (among others), that art and popular culture play an important role in the … Continue reading

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Violent political humor

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Greater Hungary 2

Two-thirds refers to the amount of land Hungary lost in the Treaty of Trianon after World War I, a topic that still weighs on the national consciousness. Another poster also … Continue reading

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Different standards at home and abroad

“There is a very marked difference between exposure abroad and acceptance at home. It seems that a twofold standard exists in evaluating contemporary artists, and the international success of young artists are … Continue reading

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