Context & Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art

Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities. A Fulbright project by Linnea West (2012-13)

Cleaning Up Monuments of Socialism

quotesY“In the beginning of the nineties the satellite countries became free from the colonizing foreign power, the Soviet-type Socialism. The new democratic countries tried to “clean up” the ideologically polluted public sphere of the powerful images, by demolishing statues, removing icons of the former Socialist culture and renaming streets and squares, that is, giving them back their old names after a half-century period, during which they were named after the events of Soviet history. In Hungary, most of the Socialist statues were placed into the Statue Park outside of Budapest, which became a strange memorial park of the Socialist past, an Eastern variation of the Madame Tussaud’s wax museums.”

-Edit András, “An Agent That Is Still At Work: The Trauma of Collective Memory of the Socialist Past,” Writing Central European Art History:


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This entry was posted on November 19, 2012 by in Quote.

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