Context & Identity in Contemporary Hungarian Art

Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities. A Fulbright project by Linnea West (2012-13)

Gloomy Hungarian Destiny

“Fin de siecle Hungary, fragmented into a multitude of microcosms, had become the subject of ever bleaker artistic visions. The Hungarian landscape ceased to be nature bathed in sunshine, humanised with work and colorful fold costumes; it was now extended to include miserable cottages dwarfed by an overtowering stormy sky–fragile domains of people lonesome even within village communities. Offering an artistic synthesis of this mood, Janos Tornyai’s Gloomy Hungarian Destiny shows a lean horse staggering about in the desolate Puszta, the scene of past deeds of Hungarian heroism and bygone days of buoyant national life.”

-Erzsébet Király and Enikő Róka, Epilogue, Art and Nation: Image and Self-image, p.403


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